On this occasion, the PLAYLEE Bogotá team has decided to choose Erika Pinzón as the volunteer of the month because of her commitment, compliance, and dedication in every single activity this group develops with children from a foundation of our city.

On account of that, we invite you to read the following short interview in which Erika tells us what motivates her to be part of PLAYLEE and the importance to teach new generations to share with others through an interactive approach and the learning of English.

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Interviewer: Hi Erika. First of all, let me say, congratulations!!  Everyone knows the effort you’ve always made when participating in PLAYLEE and that’s why you’re receiving this recognition today.

Erika: Hi, Thank you so much! It’s very important to me having been chosen as volunteer of the month.

Interviewer: Great. I have a first question for you and it is: what encourages you to be an active member of PLAYLEE Bogotá?

Erika:  Definitely, children. It’s rewarding to know you can help others with small actions. I just love seeing children’s reaction with the games and songs. Also, each Saturday we’re giving to them the opportunity of a better English education while we share a great time.

Interviewer: And what do you consider is relevant when working and teaching children?

Erika:  First, we need to be very patient. Usually, it’s too hard getting their attention, so we must look for many ways to do it. All children are different and that’s another important aspect to take into account when working with them. But, overall we need motivation and energy for playing and teaching!

Interviewer: Good. According to you, what are the two main reasons why your partners decided to appoint you as the volunteer of the month?

Erika: I think all of us do a great job and this month I could help with many things. So, they appreciated that and voted for me. Thus, each volunteer contributed with what they had, so I did it too.

Interviewer: Finally, what are the pieces of advice you can share with current and future volunteers in regards to this exciting job?

Erika: I think that motivation is essential because in many cases we don’t have resources or things to work, so motivation allows us to achieve our aims. On the other hand, to have a great time means to do a great job. In that sense, if we have the correct people, the job will be excellent.

Interviewer: Thank you so much. Wish you the best.

Erika: Thank you!


Written by: Nataly Camargo Pineda


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